Truth In Audio Academy

As a mobile academy, TIA travels in the USA and Canada in specifically designed hospitality vehicles displaying the logos of both TIA and its sponsors. Joining forces with local rental houses, the academy will offer three-day trainings at scheduled events using a curriculum composed of five classes presented across three days. As part of our evolutionary process the curriculum will be updated based on industry technology advancements and trends but here is a brief outline of the current training syllabus:


What it takes to get into the “Big Chair”. The men and women you see at the desk on large tours have earned their right to be there. Most veterans of FOH are completely fluent in both analog and digital products – are you? Not only is this class incredibly compelling with information about how things work AND tricks of the trade, it is also unique in that many of the topics discussed are delivered to the class by the people who created them. Using the power of AV and the internet, TIA students will hear pre-recorded sections of the class and at times will have live engagement with the person or persons responsible for the content.

Loudspeaker Technology

Today’s sound systems are both complex and effective. Long gone are the days of “point-and-shoot” systems and to be considered proficient in today’s competitive marketplace, technicians must have at least a basic understanding of  these modern systems, their proprietary software, rigging and processes. Loudspeaker Tech takes you on a historical journey touching on the various approaches that manufacturers have taken over the decades and why those choices were as relevant then as they are now.

Under the Hood

This is the TIA equivalent of a virtual strip-down of loudspeaker product design. What are phasing plugs and what do they actually do? Can someone please explain in layman’s terms what a FIR filter actually does and how it does it? What about audio over IP? This is a look into the guts of the technology and we have no issues tearing, sawing and otherwise dissecting perfectly good parts to show you what happens inside. Experimentation WILL take place!

Tuning and Software

If I asked you to cut me a 6′ length of wood, you would probably be close but if I asked you to cut me a 6′ length of wood and handed you a measuring tape – you’d be right on the mark. That is the difference between using system tuning software and not. There are plenty of tools available on the market these days to assist in getting the best system alignment possible and when used judicially, can have incredible results. There are many issues that can present themselves in a sound system that “golden ears” simply cannot identify or at least point to. Top level, active  systems technicians are primarily responsible for the content of this section and present their methodologies and approach to setting up and dialing in a system front to back. WHITE GLOVES NOT PERMITTED

The Business of the Business

Clear ideas and experience from those that have “made-it” on getting established in this industry and staying in it. Personal finances, taxes, healthcare, presentation to potential employers, and proper planning for the future are all important topics and you will have a leg-up on your competition by knowing exactly what a rental company owner, production manager or FOH is looking for in a fellow crewmember.

Four Achievement Levels

The syllabus is delivered to students using four achievement levels with increasing complexity at each level. All students are required to begin at level 1 and upon successful completion, earn their wing color and are qualified to attend the next training level when presented in their area. Multiple tours of the country during the calendar year will ensure past students can escalate levels quickly