Second Installment of the Green Monster Resto-Mod Now Available!

The second installment of our Green Monster restomod project has hit the virtual news stands. Thanks so much to our sponsor Live Sound International for hosting the details of this project, both online and in print. See the article here, found on page 36: Click here to read article

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Alcons Audio USA Joins Truth In Audio’s Sponsor Group

San Francisco, October 30, 2018. Truth In Audio (TIA) is pleased to announce that Alcons Audio USA has joined TIA as the first loudspeaker sponsor in their training academy.

Alcons and TIA

David Rahn of Alcons said this about the agreement: “We are early adopters of this program and we feel that it is truly unique in the audio industry. Bernie Broderick and his team have created something very clever using manufacturers as financial supporters, just like a racing team that “races on Sunday and sells on Monday”. This makes a lot of sense to us as we feel a more knowledgeable base of workers can better grasp the technology that Alcons creates, and this makes factory trainings and demos much more effective for us. Besides that, his company has also created some additional programs that we can leverage to directly promote our brand and we enjoy the idea of being aligned with pure education as we believe it helps everyone”.

Broderick adds, “I have watched Alcons Audio for years, even while working for other manufacturers. If you understand the physics behind line arrays, you can easily see how using ribbon drivers for the HF is a compelling approach, and they have advanced the capability of ribbon drivers to a very high level. The brand has stuck to their ideals and science, and the results are potent. It is a pleasure for us to support this brand and discuss the benefits of ribbon technology in our curriculum”.

About Alcon’s Audio USA

Alcons Audio is a Dutch manufacturer of high-end professional sound systems. From Broadway musicals, performing arts theatres, corporate AV, cinemas to dance clubs and music venues, Alcons is setting new standards for excellence in sound reproduction. Its proprietary, multiple-patented pro-ribbon transducer technology has gained popularity due to its fast-transient response, accurate sound reproduction, exceptional clarity, intelligibility, and throw.

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Truth In Audio set to reveal first HotRod project at LDI!

Las Vegas, NV, October 15-21, 2018

















Truth In Audio Store Now Open!

Show that you support education!

The Truth In Audio store is now open! Be the first on your block to grab one of our limited edition TunaFish T-Shirts and at the same time, you will be supporting our effort to get the academy launched. Everything we design will have a uniqueness to it and we also enjoy having fun with our designs. Both men and women’s shirts are on order.

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TIA Announces Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with both Live Sound International and ProSoundWeb! As a company based on information, TIA needed a trusted outlet for our school and its accomplishments. These fabulous industry resources have come on board with us thanks to the vision of the magazines Editor In Chief, Keith Clark. Expect to see many TIA and HotRod based information in both the magazine and online.

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Promo Tour

Beginning August 20th, 2018, the TIA staff will be hitting the road in Hauler 1 to do a brief promotional run for the school. This gives our reciprocation partners, manufacturers, and of course, potential students, the up-close-and-personal look at what our school is about and all the cool things we will do. Check out the homepage for a link to the signup page and a growing list of promo tour stops.

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